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Creating a Vision for the Future through Reflections of the Past

Lucretia Torva's lifetime of art experience inspires her masterful technique, clever eye, and intriguing compositions. Having grown up in Europe, she was blessed with exposure to some of the world's greatest museums and landmarks. This instilled in her a great respect for past creations as a starting point from which to grow into the future.

Lucretia Torva has her Master of Fine Art in Painting from the University of Illinois. Her dedication and consistent effort resulted in producing many award winning pieces of art. At the same time, she was a highly rated instructor of art, teaching both studio and lecture classes. The courses Lucretia teaches include Drawing, Painting, Design, Watercolor, Portraiture, Figure Drawing, Art Appreciation and Art History.

Lucretia Torva has developed a successful decorative art business, creating murals and trompe l'oeil finishes for homes and businesses through out the Phoenix area.

Lucretia Torva is now creating an inspirational statement taking us into the next decade and beyond. Vintage automobiles and motorcycles, as a subject, are a natural outgrowth of Lucretia's desire to depict reflections and refractions of all types of surfaces. Reflections symbolize the many levels and interpretations of reality.

The result is art work that is entertaining, visually stimulating and captivating. Viewing a painting by Lucretia Torva is an experience in delight with detail that allows one to delve more deeply into the composition, thus allowing the viewer to weave their own story.

Lucretia grew up instilled with the philosophy to pursue freedom of thought, free enterprise and free will as the guiding principles for herself and as a member of society. In the spirit of re-purposing, and not reinventing the wheel, these ideas are embodied in the machines of the recent past.

Lucretia Torva's art is at its most expressive, complete and unified.

Welcome to Torva Fine Art.

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